We’ve found cool iPad cases made out of everything from felt to leather to industrial strength NASA mystery metals. But maybe never one made out of paper. That’s the Papernomad iPad and iPhone cases.

It’s not just they’re sustainably made –and incredibly cool looking– but that they’re designed to be be completely personalized. By you.

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It makes perfect sense to create a product like this, especially when you think back to how essential it was to doodle on your notebook covers in school, both to express your individuality, and to keep you from going bonkers when you hit a wall during Mr. D’s tedious first-period Algebra II/Trig lectures that droned on until mere minutes felt like millenia.

(Uh, speaking hypothetically. Of course. Kids, please pay attention in your first period Algebra II lectures. You may need to find the vertices of a hyperbola without the help of a computer at some point later in life. Maybe.)

Just look at some of the cool things people have done with the Papernomad cases, as seen on their Facebook page and the Austrian Papernomad site, and you can’t help but be inspired.

Papernomad iPad Folio now out: Waterproof, sustainable, and ready for your creative talents

Papernomad iPad Sleeve: You customize it

Papernomad: Customize your own iPad, Macbook, or Galaxy case

Richard Branson with Papernomad Case

Papernomad paper iPad, Galaxy, and phone sleeves: Totally customizable

Papernomad: customize your own paper iPad or tablet sleeve

Customize your own iPad or Galaxy sleeve with Papernomad cases
Wow, right?

As for the protection it offers, I have tried the sleeve, not the new folio, and I  think it’s pretty nifty. The coated paper is both water-resistant and hipster single-roast artisanal coffee-resistant, fairly tear-free, and it’s nicely cushioned on the inside. Which is good, because if I spent this much time designing mine, as some of these artists have, I’d want it to last long after I’d upgraded the the next iPad. And the one beyond that.

Find the Papernomad iPad sleeve, iPad Mini sleeve, various new iPad folios, plus a Papernomad for iPhone 5, exclusively from Griffin Technology. Sorry, looks like they’ve discontinued their Galaxy Tab, Macbook Air and MacBook Pro cases. Also there’s no iPhone 6 cases. Maybe talented struggling artists just haven’t upgraded yet.