Our feeling is that it’s never too early to get your kids excited about Star Wars. Even if they’re too young to be freaked out by the bar scene in episode 4 (my kids were a little squidgy with that one for a while) they can still get to know the core characters, and impress all the people in your life who would be impressed by such things. The Star Wars toddler tees at Think Geek hit all the right notes: Bright colors, cute non-threatening characters (come on, don’t you want a sweet little AT-AT like the one Vader is riding?), and arguable educational value.

After all, any kid who can enter kindergarten spelling Wookiee right is on a path to greatness.

V is for Vader Star Wars toddler tee

Star Wars toddler tees: W is for Wookiee

Just two requests: We’d love to see an L is for Leia shirt for the obvious reasons. (And not slave Leia either, thanks.) Also, We’d really love to see Han, especially after Harrison Ford’s accident this week. We’re all rooting for you, and while we know we’re not supposed to tell you the odds, they’re looking good.

Star Wars toddler tees in five styles are available at Think Geek. CMT is an rstyle affiliate.