We absolutely love it when our childhood favorites make a modern comeback, like princess phones, Little Golden Records, and of course, Simon. So naturally we’re shaking with excitement (ha) over the new Magic 8 Ball official app that just launched today from Mattel.

Get all the fortune-telling functionality of the vintage Magic 8 Ball in app form: Ask your question out loud, then shake or tap your phone to reveal the answer. If you’re stumped for good questions, the app offers daily prompts. And you can share your results via social media, which is is almost as cool as when you used to call your best friend on her princess phone to tell her that you will get an A on that math test or that Danny liked you back, since the all-knowing oracle said so, of course.

Magic 8 Ball official app now out for iOS. What are your questions?

Liz was pretty happy to get these results.

Personally, I look forward to relaying all the questions my kids ask me to the Magic 8 Ball app. It will probably give them better answers than I do.

Except for the dreaded, Better not tell you now. Worse even than Concentrate and ask again.

The official Magic 8 Ball app is available for free for iPhone and the new Apple Watch. Be sure to download the one called “Official App” by Mattel, or there’s no guarantee that your answers will be correct. Also, there’s an in app purchase of $1.99 for a special silver gold or silver Magic 8 Ball but…meh.