Nothing says I love you like, please don’t let your phone die when I’m trying to reach you because it really freaks me out.  Which is why I think it’s so clever that Shutterfly has launched the first personalized battery chargers that I’ve seen.

Upload a photo or design using one of a dozen templates — you can even connect right to Facebook, Instagram and more — then add text if you want, though I’m a bit of a purist that way and tend to stick with photos. You’ll have a very cool Mother’s Day gift for the tablet or phone-loving mom on the go. Which is all of us these days, really.

I checked one out and I am definitely impressed by the printing quality (I love our logo on there!) and how well it works.

Personalized battery charging case with photos, designs, you name it

Your photos are actually printed on a plastic custom faceplate which can be swapped out. So she can change the photo with the season, or each year as the kids get a little bigger. For under $15 you can even include a few to go with the charger. And it doesn’t actually look cheap as you might expect with plastic.

But it’s not all just about a pretty face (or two) on the case. Mine came to me fully charged and held a full charge for a good three days before I even used it; then it brought my phone from Danger Will Robinson territory back to a full battery fairly quickly. It has all the ports you need,

Its not as powerful as a Jackery Giant, which delivers 12,000 mAH versus Shutterfly’s 5,000, but then, this one is smaller, lighter — perfect purse size — and obviously a whole lot more gifty for a mom, dad, grad, or even yourself.


Personalized portable chargers with your photos, from Shutterfly
A nice convenience is that the included cord includes a lightning, micro USB and 30-pin tip (for you iPhone 4 holdouts); just know the cord is rather short. Good for avoiding cord tangles, but tough to talk while holding both the charger and your phone at once, if you’re like me and often plugged in.

Hey, nothing I hate more than texting the words sorry, battery’s dying…

Find the personalized battery chargers and other cool personalized tech gifts online at Shutterfly including personalized iPhone, Galaxy, and iPad cases. Order soon, or look into rush delivery if you want yours by Mother’s Day! Thanks to them for sending a unit to CMT for review.