We all love our smart devices until they start flashing “low battery” signs at us. Which is why we’re always on the lookout for fast and easy ways to charge our tech devices. And if the juice boost method happens to be cool too?  Icing. Like with these two, new portables from the UK-based company Fonesaleman: The QiStone+ wireless charger and the WoodPuck Bamboo Edition wireless charger.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve tried a few of these so-called wireless gadgets that turned out to be lame, complicated, or just not effective and taking entirely too long to get the juice-up job done. But these are a pleasant surprise.

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QiStone+ wireless power bank portable charger


The QiStone+ is truly wireless, containing powerful battery that can itself be charged by micro-USB. The wireless charging part works with an ultra-thin Qi Receiver that (for iPhone) plugs into your Lightning port at the bottom of the device while the “antenna” part is folded behind the phone. It can even sit between the back of your phone and your case — it’s that thin. For Android gadgets, the receiver card slips behind your phone or tablet’s battery.

You can also use the palm-size, stone-shaped pod as a power bank to change up any USB device all at the same time that you’re using the wireless feature. Another big plus is that the Qi Charger system is compatible with basically everything from iPhone to Samsung to Blackberry.

WoodPuck Bamboo Edition wireless charger | portable chargers

WoodPuck Bamboo Edition portable charger


The WoodPuck is made from a very high quality bamboo and offers a different, more natural look than the Qi charging pad. It also works a little differently than the QiStone+ in that it acts like a transmitter. The wood disc needs to be connected to a power source via USB, then you just plunk your Qi Receiver-enabled smartphone down on the WoodPuck’s smooth surface, face up. Once you hear the brief beep, you’ll know you’re devices is on its way to getting juiced up, beautifully.

The QiStone+ portable power bank is on sale now on our Amazon affiliate for $59.99, and the WoodPuck Bamboo Edition wireless charger is also on sale on our affiliate site for $34.99. Please note: The Qi Charging Receivers are sold separately.