If there’s one thing that I love about selfies, it’s that I’m in more photos with my kids now than I ever was before. And as I get older and my kids get older, it’s those photos I treasure the most, even more than their sweet homemade gifts and barely palatable breakfast in bed  (sorry, kids). Which is why I’m loving that the New York Times Motherlode blog is encouraging readers to take a #SelfieWithMom on Mother’s Day.

As annoying as selfies can be, as parents, they really do allow you to capture moments as they happen, because as well all know, by the time we stop and try to snap a shot of the kids doing what they’re doing, the moment is gone, and well, you’re not actually in them.

I’ve actually gotten pretty good at taking selfies with kids (yes, all four of them) and the results always bring a smile to my face (even though there may be a little bit of fighting. Or a lot. Ahem). But it’s worth it.



#SelfieWithMom for Mother's Day

Yes, I will even take a no-make-up #SelfieWithMom. 

And hey, they even have a selfie app to make it super easy. No excuses!

So today, take a sec and snap a selfie with your kids, and if you feel so led, share it on social media with the hashtag #SelfieWithMom. We’d love to see them. We’ll be sharing our own on our Instagram feed. Once we roll ourselves out of bed, that is.

Happy Mother’s Day, cool moms! And hey, while you’ve got your smartphone in your hand, call your mom! Those fancy gadgets do that too.