I got an iPad Mini for my birthday. I want a protective but stylish case with a stand so I can be hands free when I watch a movie. I want something that is going to protect all the edges of the device and not just the corners. -Jennifer


Oooh, what an awesome birthday gift, Jennifer! We totally get that you want to keep your new precious gadget protected but also looking fabulous too, so here are a few recommendations that we hope will work for you.

We’ve always been big fans of Speck¬†because they do such a great job of balancing protection and style. Their new StyleFolio cases¬†(above) are a perfect example: Tons of color and pattern choices, including some really pretty ones for spring and summer, along with a hard shell case that¬†covers all the edges of your mini. The cover folds back for viewing or typing, and there’s a clasp to keep it from flapping open when you pop it in your bag or hand it to your child. If you decide to share it, that is. ($34.95, Speck)


Protective iPad Mini cases: The two-in-one Belkin iPad Mini case

Belkin, another longtime favorite of ours, makes a similar iPad mini case with comparable protection and a magnetic-close cover. While the color combos are limited,¬†the cover¬†folds back for viewing, and it’s reversible¬†too. But¬†unlike the Speck StyleFolio case, you can remove the Belkin cover entirely, which is a nice option. ($39.99, Belkin)

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Protective iPad Mini cases: The Otterbox Defender series


And if you’re still looking for added protection, you can’t go wrong with the OtterBox Defender series, which we’ve recommended many times before. The Build-Your-Own color choices are fun, the built-in stand is super sturdy, and the construction and protection really can’t be beat. But the OtterBox is definitely bulkier than the Speck and¬†Belkin cases, so if you want a slimmer profile, go with one of those instead. It’s also twice the price, so keep that in mind too. ($79.90, OtterBox)

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