Ever since becoming parents, it’s the thing that so many of us crave, covet and perhaps miss the most about our pre-kid lives: sleep, glorious sleep. And on Cool Mom Tech, we’re all about sharing helpful tips and tech for getting better sleep. Because, let’s face it, we’re just better parents — and people — when we get our Zs. Which is why I almost reached into the computer screen to grab these very cool Kokoon EEG Headphones when I stumbled on its Kickstarter campaign that’s in its final hours and absolutely kicking bootie.

So if you want one…get on it!

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Kokoon EEG Headphones | sleep headphones


Kokoon EEG headphones | sleep headphones

We’ve been told — and some of us had to learn by, ahem,  experience — that sleeping with headphones on isn’t a smart move. It’s not comfortable, the headphones get sweaty, mangled and might break, and I’m sure there’s a study or 12 that say it’s not good for the health of the ear and our audio senses.

That’s what makes Kokoon headphones so cool. They’re specifically designed to be worn while you sleep at night. Plus, they have tiny EEG sensors — which are widely used in sleep clinics — that work with the companion app to track your sleep patterns to figure out when and how to automatically adjust the volume and sound levels of your music (or audiobook, sleep sounds, etc.) as you fall asleep.

The wireless headphones are also smart enough to know when to block out disruptive noises when you’re fully asleep (snoring, car alarms, airplane ambient sounds). And when, according to your monitored sleep patterns, it’s time to rise and shine, Kokoon headphones will gently wake you — no startling buzzing or blaring alarms.

Plus, the sound of the headphones is high quality. Kokoon partnered with Onkyo, a Japanese consumer electronics brand leader in home audio equipment, so these rock as regular, everyday headphones, too.

Kokoon headphones also fold up nice and neat to the size of a book. It’s like, Get in my travel tote, ASAP!

Right now, you can still grab the $319 headphones for a mere $189 Kickstarter contribution. (Edited with updated price.) But, looking at the production timeline, we’ll all have to find other ways to get better sleep, as they won’t be ready to ship until February 2016.

Find out more and stay up-to-date on Kokoon EEG Headphones on the Kickstarter campaign.