It’s clear that sleep tracking is all the rage in 2015. And I get it. Listen. If it were possible to marry one’s bed, I would have been in deep mattressmony (ha) long ago. So when I heard about the¬†Luna Matress Cover,¬†the first one¬†that converts any bed into a smart bed, I was pretty excited. I think I may have even shimmied in my desk chair.

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Using some genius sensory technology, the Luna smart mattress cover evidently learns all about you and your sleep habits, then uses that information to help improve your whole sleep experience. It can even can manage the temperature of your bed.

Oh, you read that right.

Since Luna tracks what time you typically go to bed, it prompts the bed to¬†warm up so when you hop in, it’s perfectly toasty and just-right for you. And it continues to adjust the temp as you sleep, keeping you supremely comfortable. Plus, there’s a dual sleep zone, letting you select a different temperature for each side of the bed.

You can sleep in virtual Miami while your partner can snooze in a chilled Alaska.

Luna Mattress Cover tracks sleep, regulates temperature, and more

Luna Mattress Cover is revolutionizing the smart home

While Luna just looks and feels like a regular old comfy mattress cover, it actually incorporates an advanced sleep tracking system that monitors your sleep phases, heart rate and breathing rate, and syncs the info to your smartphone. It also has a built-in smart alarm that learns to wake you at your lightest sleep phase, so rolling out of bed refreshed becomes a regular thing.

What I really like about the idea overall is that you don’t have to wear any bands that you have to remember to tap on or off, and you don’t have to sleep with your phone under the mattress either. You just…sleep.

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Luna Mattress Smart Cover communicates with your smart home to do more than track sleep


Just when I¬†thought this thing couldn’t get any cooler, there’s this: Luna is also designed to¬†communicate with your other smart home devices, like the¬†Nest thermostat¬†or alarm system.

When you doze off at night, Luna pings those¬†other devices to make sure the doors are locked, alarms are set, lights are off, and temperature in the house is set. All while you’re counting sheep. You can even wake to your smart coffee maker brewing.


Luna Mattress Cover: More than just a sleep tracker. Wow.

Whether or not you’re totally sold on sleep tracking as an essential part of your nightly routine, there are some fascinating ways that the Luna¬†mattress cover is — I have to say it — a total dream.

Oh, and in¬†case you’re wondering,¬†the Luna cover is washable, so it’s not like you’re going to short circuit your expensive new bedding when suddenly someone (ahem) spills coffee on the sheet

The Luna smart mattress cover is available for pre-order now at discounted prices through their Indiegogo campaign with an estimated delivery of August 2015. Queen mattresses start at $199 (20% off) and include free shipping in the U.S.

Oh, and it’s already way way way funded past its original goals, to the tune of nearly $1 million. So yes, this is going to be made.¬†

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