With all the fun¬†we plan to have¬†this summer, the one thing I don’t need is for my iPhone to run out of juice right¬†when I’m about to snap that perfect picture or need directions to the closest ice cream stand. But, since I¬†don’t always remember to pack my portable charger, and those cables tend to “disappear” when I need them most, I’m eyeing the nifty Prong PWR iPhone case and charger.

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Created¬†for the iPhone 5 and 6¬†(but not 6 Plus, sorry), Prong’s new PWR Case has two parts: A protective iphone case, and a detachable battery pack that slides right over the case¬†when you need to give it some juice. The most awesome part is that the battery pack¬†plugs into the wall directly, using prongs built right into the case (thus, the name), so¬†you don’t have to remember to pack a cord or wire or adapter or really, anything. Just the case.


Prong PWR battery case for iPhone: charges the phone and case with outlet prongs. No wires needed!

I’ll probably¬†leave the battery pack¬†attached to the case when we head out so that I don’t leave it behind, but you can also just pop that part¬†into your bag separately, and attach it¬†when needed. Then, get ready to charge from any standard outlet at your office, hotel room, airport lounge, you name it.¬†¬†With this clever design, I’m hoping I won’t sweat once over a low battery warning or a single misplaced cord all summer.

Prong’s PWR iPhone case, with its protective case and detachable battery pack with integrated charging prongs, is available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 in multiple colors.¬†


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