I can’t tell you how often I find myself tossing my phone in my gigantic bag then searching for a it a few seconds or minutes later. Or sticking it in my pocket. Then pulling it out. Repeat 4501 times every day. That’s why I’m pretty sure this Tory Burch iPhone 6 case is calling my name.

This Brogue case pretty similar to the Bandolier iPhone case that Liz raved about but with a few cool style details, like the chain on the strap, which dresses it up a little for me. Plus, fancy designer name, which admittedly makes it a little more of an investment piece and not just another iPhone 6 case.

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Going hands free just got more stylish with this Tory Burch iPhone 6 case

I will say that it’s¬†hard to¬†tell if you can carry anything in it, like a credit card, ID, maybe some cash (which would be handy), but even if it’s just an iPhone case and nothing more, I really love the idea of being completely hands free, especially when I’m out and about with my kids, or at a party (yes, I sometimes go to parties where there are just adults!). As much as I’d like to just toss my phone in my bag for an hour or two, the truth is that I do need it for photos, video, and checking to see if Rob Delaney has¬†replied to my tweet about his new show. Priorities, people.

You can purchase the Tory Burch Brogue iPhone 6 case at Nordstrom. Cool Mom Tech is a reward style affiliate. 

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