Every year when our kids ask us about 9/11, we turn to BrainPop to help us tackle this challenging topic. This year, we’re adding another helpful resource that we discovered on the 9/11 Memorial website that we think you’ll want to check out.

You’ll find a specific page dedicated to talking to kids about 9/11 right on the 9/11 Memorial site, but in particular, we’re so appreciative of the downloadable PDF that’s full of thoughtful, useful tips for parents and teachers too. It’s definitely not something to hand to kids to read, but rather, a guide to help you navigate this topic and all the feelings (and yes, fears) associated with it.

Especially as our own kids get older and are more aware of the events of this day, whether it’s at school or through friends, we think you’ll find these suggestions and considerations to be invaluable when talking about such a difficult topic.

You can download the free Tips for Talking to Your Children About 9/11 PDF on the 9/11 Memorial website

(Image via 9/11 Memorial website)

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