This being the year of the emoji, of course someone was going to rock the emoji pumpkin carving idea in a big way. What’s better, is that it’s BHG and they’re making it easy for you to follow along with a whole bunch of cool, free emoji pumpkin carving stencils.

I checked them out and the instructions and templates are very simple and clear, describing just which parts of the emoji to carve and which to etch to add dimension. However to get yours looking like theirs, it does require using thin linoleum or wood-cutting knives.

If you want to make it simpler, I’d say use the templates as a starting point, and get out our old, low-tech pal, Mr. Sharpie. At least that’s what I will do when my kids see these and beg to try every single one, which they inevitable will do.

Meanwhile, how cute is that baby for a household with a new baby? Or, it could be a cute way to hang a sign on Halloween that asks trick-or-treaters not to ring the doorbell and instead “take one” candy from the bowl.

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20 free emoji pumpkin carving stencils at BHG

free printable Emoji pumpkin carving stencils via BHG

One thing to know: free often isn’t free. You do have watch an ad or subscribe to BHG for access, and it seems like the easiest thing is to subscribe for all 20 stencils. Otherwise you’re watching an ad for every single stencil you want to download, and while I’m all for publishers making money through ads, I am wildly impatient and already stressed about getting everything about Halloween, and sitting through 10 straight minutes of commercials might put me over the edge. I vote for a subscription.  Besides, it’s BHG. You’ll probably get some good stuff in there.

Find 20 free emoji pumpkin carving stencils and full instructions at BHG.