Recently, we were thrilled to find Take Back Halloween, an amazing site for women (and girls) hoping for a few more Halloween costume options besides “sexy nurse.” Or sexy anything, really. I loved seeing this Ada Lovelace costume which isn’t entirely last-minute, meaning you can’t just throw it together, but if you’re resourceful I bet you can pull it off.

There are other women in STEM too, and if you search the site under the “Notable Women” category, you’ll catch Admiral Grace Hopper, Marie Curie, pilots Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman, scientist Rosalind Franklin and nuclear physicist Lise Meitner in an awesome get-up from 1906 including a slide rule around her neck. (Why not?)

Besse Coleman: Fantastic costume idea from notable women in STEM

If Halloween party guests ask, so, who are you? And they say eh…never heard of her, well, then all the more reason to gently explain your Halloween muse while you pop a  Milky Way Dark. In keeping with the theme, of course. No doubt Marie Curie would have totally been into them.

Find great STEM costumes for women and more inspiring ideas at Take Back Halloween