We’re unapologetically heavy on the Star Wars around here these days (birthday parties! halloween costumes! shower heads!) because well, between Halloween and the Force Awakens movie countdown, we just can’t help ourselves. And so, we present, the Star Wars Little Golden Book set.

If you remember, we actually teased the launch of these a few weeks back, but now the entire set is available for purchase over at Think Geek. There are 6 books total, one for each of the existing movies, which will aptly prepare your young Jedi for the big day in December when the next movie launches. Not that we have that on our calendar DECEMBER 18. Heh.

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The Star Wars Little Golden Book Set, now for sale at Think Geek, yay!

The new Star Wars Little Golden Book set for kids

Snatch them up now for the holidays, or hey, for under $25, change up your bedtime story routine right now. And I’m talking about for you as much as for them.

You can purchase the Star Wars Little Golden Book set at Think Geek. Cool Mom Tech is a reward style affiliate.