These days, connectivity in the home is essential. (Unless of course you are a tech-hating neophyte, think Facebook is “The Internet” and still rely on a landline and listen to a plug-in radio for entertaining; but then, you’re probably not reading this.) And increasingly, it means more than making sure your network doesn’t go down, but also making sure we’re all connected to one another in smart ways.

So I’m excited about a new crop of modern routers on the market I’m seeing, like Luma, a companion router and app system which I think parents will love.

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The Luma router itself looks amazing from a design standpoint, plus set-up is super easy. I love the innovative functionality, like giving you “surround WiFi” to ensure there are no dead zones in the house. If you’ve ever had to decode a DNS settings or random blinking lights with your network provider to figure out just what the heck the problem is….well, this is not that.

Also there’s some automatic hacker protection and virus protection which is something you don’t always consider a home router can offer.

Luma router system for families will change connectivity and Internet safety with amazing parenting controls

But I think parents will be particularly excited about the companion app which provides so much helpful info, and gives us a major leg-up in the knowledge department.

Similar to Torch, Luma a truly customizable way to monitor your kids online activity and set limits until they’ve earned their own right to do it for themselves. You use the free companion Luma app to personalize profiles for different kids, then customize them.

Like maybe you block everything but G-rated content for your kindergartner but allow your fifth grader access to PG-rated content. Plus you can set time limits on usage (“sorry kids, enough texting for the day”) and turn it off at a set time.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to turn the Internet off for everyone at dinner time, right?

Not just kids.

Luma App: A family-friendly WiFi router with a companion app that helps set smart limits on your family's internet usage

Also a bonus: Seeing just which devices are connected at any given time. So you know that that iPad that’s supposed to be away is not.

Luma app shows you just who's on your router, how well it's functioning...and who's not supposed be online right now

And should you have a big fancy house that I’d be jealous of, you can even link a few routers together to create a wider network range. Because of course, you want to make sure during the next polo match in your backyard, your guests will stay fully connected too.

Preorder Luma now for a limited time for 50% off! That’s $99, instead of $199, with discounts for multi-packs. It’s slated to ship in early 2016. 

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