I know we’re all still in New Year’s resolutions mode, whether you’re purging and recycling old tech, embarking on a family tech detox, or committing to more books and audiobooks and less mindless doomscrolling. But if there’s one thing the you should definitely be doing ASAP,

It’s #3 on this list of 11 tech to-dos to start the year more organized, though it should probably be #1:

Managing your passwords. 

You want to make them safe, memorable, and unique — and change them every so often. If that sounds like a tall order, we’ve got plenty of tips to help, including my favorite password management app. Visit our Step-by-Step Guide to Making Strong Passwords and Protecting Them and pass it along to friends and (ahem) family members who might need the nudge. The way I see it, we can use all the peace of mind we can get these days.

Top image: charlesdeluvio on Unsplash