I feel like I’ve become the queen of portable chargers around here, which is a good thing since I never leave home without one. Okay, often more than one. I am sad to say that I just can’t recommend  my formerly beloved Mophie charging case any longer, since as practical as it is, every one I’ve had seems to conk out after maybe six months.

But I’ve had excellent luck with quite a few portable chargers, and now that they’re becoming so light and slim, there are great options out there even for those of you who don’t want to weigh yourself down on the go.

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My newest find: The Techlink Ultrathin Recharge 3000 battery pack.  In three swanky colors to match your snazzy new iPhone 6 or 6S — or 7 or 8. (Or hey, be a rebel and don’t match at all.)

I am really impressed not just the super thin size and lightweight profile, as well as the performance. It charges your phone quite quickly, up to about 90%. Charging slows down after that as with most portable chargers, but by that point you’re out of the weeds which is the point.

I like that the thoughtful design means the lightning charger is built right in and tucks into itself for safekeeping, because I certainly don’t need another cable to lose. (Though it does come with a short micro USB charger for charging the Recharge itself.) And the lightning charger is just the right length for you to hold both the battery pack and your phone to your ear at once while you charge; together they’re still so slim, you don’t feel like you’re talking into the Complete Works of William Shakespeare which is kind of how I feel if I do the same with my Jackery Giant.

What’s even nicer is the gender-neutral leather carrying case the Techlink Recharge comes with. It’s quite a handsome little case — far more expensive looking than I’d have expected — and I was surprised to learn fits both the portable charger and your actual phone, provided you use a slim phone case and not a something heftier like an Otterbox.

Techlink Recharge 3000 Ultrathin portable battery comes with a really swanky leather case to hold your iPhone, too.

The Ultrathin Techlink Recharge 3000 portable charger: So lightweight, you can carry extra power with you and not even know it

The only complaint is that there’s no push-button that allows you to check the battery power indicator lights to see how much charge the Recharge is still holding; you need to plug it into your phone or a power source to see those four little dots light up. That can be a bit annoying when you just want to grab your portable charger and go in the morning, but aren’t sure if it’s fully charged.  Still, it’s a small complaint considering how much I like every other aspect of it. What a fantastic gift for any traveler.

Or, any iPhone user who checks Facebook and email enough during the day that it totally borks the battery life. I think that’s a lot of us these days.

Find the the Techlink Ultrathin Recharge 3000 portable battery charger including charging cable and  leather pouch for $19.95 at our affiliate Amazon.