Kids’ brains grow so fast during the preschool years, which is why they need lots of stimulation to help them develop smarter, sharper brains. Also, possibly why kids at this age are so um, challenging. Not just me, right? But often, parents are so busy doing so many other things that we could use the extra help to get our kids thinking and learning when we’re out and about.

That’s why I’m digging Daily Vroom, a free app that sends you customized brain-building activities each day, no crafts or fancy educational tools required.

Of course, ideally, I’d always be carrying a Mary Poppins bag filled with great children’s books, creative craft supplies, or some pre-math tools, and the conversation starters and smart questions would just flow right out of my mouth. But, then there’s reality; which is that I’m juggling so many things, that it’s incredibly helpful to have a library right on my phone, full of easy ideas starters to help me engage my young kids’ brains.

Daily Vroom app | choose activities from a menu of things you're probably already doing throughout the day


Daily Vroom app | Brain building activities for kids that require no extra supplies, yay!


You can choose activities based on what you’re already doing — having a snack, cleaning up, or playing. The related prompts aren’t difficult, but really do challenge your child to think. Like just asking your kids what trees the leaves you found outside may have come from.

That may seem overly simple, but I like that it encourages my kids to stretch their brains, often with questions I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to do something together, which might just be what your kid will like the most.

Yes, there are badges and levels you can earn as you complete the tasks if you like that sort of thing. But I imagine that most parents will just appreciate a little nudge of creative inspiration to keep our toddlers and preschoolers thinking critically during those super-fast, early development years.

Download Daily Vroom for free, from iTunes or the Google Play store