Roses are red, violets are blue, but neither will put a smile on your Star Wars-loving valentine’s face like one of these quirky Star Wars Valentines bouquets from our favorite geeky shop, Think Geek.

Just imagine handing your beloved a bouquet that includes nine adorably squishy Star Wars characters like a shiny C3PO and a couple of furry Ewoks. The bouquet of droids only are adorable. Or feeling naughty? Then give them the Darth Vader bouquet that includes eight Stormtroopers and one Vader — the perfect invitation to an evening on the Dark Side.

Interpret that any way you’d like.


Think Geek's plush Darth Vader Valentine's Day bouquet


There’s other geekery, with a unicorn bouquet bundled together and wrapped in purple paper. If you want to make your kids collapse into giggles, check out their puppy, kitten, or even dinosaur bouquets too. Also, less work than getting them a real puppy, kitten or dinosaur.

Bonus: they won’t wilt in a few days and definitely don’t need to be placed in water. Just know that the toys do come off the stems, so we cannot be responsible for those significant others who choose to spend their Valentine’s evening lining up their toys for a shoot-out on the dining room table.

Order one of eight unique, cuddly geeky and Star Wars bouquets from Think Geek (our affiliate) in time for Valentine’s Day. Please note that the product name is on the side of the box, so choose your shipping address carefully if you want this to be a surprise gift.