Every year around this time, I hear the buzz around Oscar-nominated films and roles, and every year around this time, I realize that I have seen, oh…none of them.  I know a lot of you feel me. But with this compilation of flicks from the Common Sense Media 2016 Oscar Nominated Films listing, along with helpful ratings and information that will help guide family movie night selections, I just may have a chance to break this tradition at last.

Check out the list of  all movies that are up for awards — not just the kid flicks — then filter out which are appropriate for your kids based on age and of course, your own parenting boundaries and choices. Inside Out? Yes. The RevenantMaybe not for your six-year-old. Bridge of Spies? Well, possibly. That’s why it’s good to dig down and see what kid reviewers say versus adults and their own staff reviewers.

Let’s just say we know quite a few Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens fans who are well under 10.

Common Sense media is a great resource for family media recos, including all the Oscar nominees like Star Wars VII Force Awakens



As always, Common Sense Media’s ratings cover categories like positive messages, violence, sex, language, drinking and more, all aimed to help you make a good decision; not to tell you which decision to make. We love that.

And hey, even if this helpful list doesn’t help you with a family movie night, it can also give you some ideas for streaming movies after the kids are asleep. Matt Damon, anyone?

Check out the Common Sense Media 2016 Oscar Nominated Films list on the site. And PS, Liz’s girls (10, 8) tell you not to miss Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There, a favorite of theirs last year. It’s no Totoro, but it’s quite magical.