We’re as geeked out about Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens as anyone else, but let’s all step back for a minute and take a moment of reflection for today’s #ForceFriday national day that’s really a giant unboxing and marketing event designed to sell a crapton of Disney licensed toys. For a movie not even released yet. And characters we don’t even know yet.

/mild cynicism

In any case, the one that’s totally caught my eye, between all the action figures and Halloween masks and lightsaber key chains comes from our friends at Sphero. They’re out with the brand new, and indisputably adorable Sphero BB-8 edition droid which you can find directly from the Sphero site right now (at time of publishing) or on Think Geek where it ships end of September.

Of all the Force Awakens toys I’ve seen so far, I’m going to pick this one as a clear favorite, since it’s more than some collectible that will gather dust on a shelf.

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Sphero BB-8 app-controlled droid: Our pick for the coolest Star Wars VII The Force Awakens toy


For kids 8+ (or 28+ or 48+) you’ll get a 4.5″ tall app-enabled, Bluetooth Droid with an impressively adaptive personality, just like the original Sphero we love. Use your phone or tablet and it will respond to voice commands, record and send virtual holographic videos (!), or just race around the house scaring the Earth dogs. Plus with each app update the droid will get new life, something we parents like in our tech toys.

This is easily going to be the tech toy hit of the year, Star Wars theme or otherwise. If you want one, do not hesitate. Act now. Go. Run. Chop chop. Hyperspeed.

Because I imagine the waiting list will end up longer than a wait for a cheap drink at Mos Eisley Cantina on a Friday night, and if Sphero doesn’t manufacturer enough to meet demand, that $149 price tag is going to double or triple come December.

Find the Sphero BB-8 edition from the Sphero site or try Think Geek. Retail is $149. Don’t confuse it with the less expensive, $45 similar robot selling exclusively at Disney Stores by another manufacturer.

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