Welcome to our new weekly series on Cool Mom Tech that introduces you to some of our favorite free apps to download to your devices. Because as much as we love all the useful, fun, and entertaining apps we recommend here, admittedly we love them even more when they’re totally free.

To kick us off, we’ve got a free app for the littlest members of our family: LumiKids Snow, an absolutely adorable and smart app for iPad and Android tablets, for kids about five and under.

Kids are guided through four different wintery games featuring smiling creatures, in which they trace letter shapes, play hide-and-seek with walruses, and even feed hungry yetis. It’s all very cute, has some educational value, and no one will complain of getting snow in their boots.

Letter tracing game on LumiKids Snow, a free app for both iOS and Android


Playing hide-and-seek on LumiKids Snow, the free app for iOS and Android

LumiKids happens to be the children’s division of the Lumosity family of cognitive or “brain training” apps, though there are no big promises here of training your kids’ brains. LumiKids does ask you to register to play, but it is very easy to skip the email registration page and just play.  Plus, no ads and no in-app purchases — always a benefit in our books, especially when you’re handing your tablet over to your preschooler.

Download the LumiKids Snow free app for kids at  iTunes or Google Play. If you like this one, find three other fun  free apps at LumiKids.