I’m amazed at the quantity and quality of  STEM toys and projects for kids that keep coming out. Anything that parents view as educational and kids view as entertainment gets a thumbs up in my book, which is why I’m excited about a new STEM subscription box service that just blew up  Kickstarter. And for good reason.

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Thimble aims to send lucky kids STEM subscription boxes on a monthly basis, each featuring projects using electronics components that transform into something cool.

For the most part, everything is provided for you and laid out with step-by-step instructions, perfect for those who may not be robotics-savvy  but still want to help. However judging from some of the tasks needed to take place like soldering (at least with the first project), parental involvement, especially with younger kids is a must.

That’s not a negative, by the way. What a great opportunity to make some cool stuff together with your kids.


Thimble: awesome STEM subscription box for kids filled with serious robotics projects

Thimble: A cool monthly STEM subscription box that lets kids build amazing robotics and control with an app

The first kit will allow kids to construct their very own WiFi-enabled robot. Once the robot is built, you can use the complementary Thimble app to control it. What’s even cooler is that kids can further customize their robots with sensors, commands and blinking lights to give kids more insight and control over how to program. What a fantastic way for kids to really enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Future kits will include alarm clocks, LED cubes, weather monitoring systems and quadcopters — so this is like seriously cool stuff you’re building here.

While the Kickstarter campaign is over, visit the Thimble website and add your name to be notified when you can order your own boxes.  Looks like a kit will be about $209 for a 3-month subscription with discounts for longer terms. Definitely pricey, but these are no construction paper and scissors craft kits, either. It also looks like you will have the option to buy any kit individually without committing to a longer subscription term.

Judging by how far the campaign raised $300,000 for what was originally a $25,000 goal, we expect there are a lot of future STEM superstars out there. Or at least parents who want them to be.

Please visit the Thimble website  for more information and pricing on their STEM Subscription boxes for kids. Delivery of the first kit for Kickstarter pledges is slated for April 2016.