Take all those videos of school concerts, soccer games, even family vacations sucking up memory on your smartphone and turn them into professionally-edited masterpieces you’ll watch over and over thanks to VidMob.

This app is an easy way for you to take short snippets or full-length clips, and transform them into a cool video — think family vacation highlights, a year-in-review for each child, even a sweet last-minute Valentine’s Day gift — by connecting you with an actual video editor. (Yes, a real human!)

You might even keep it in mind for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, special first birthdays or big wedding anniversaries.

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The VidMob app connects you with professional editors to create beautiful short films to assemble your favorite memories or make a very special gift for someone you love

Once you download the free VidMob app you can browse editor portfolios, and find the style, bid and turnaround time that suits your project specs and your budget. From there, the your editor can provide a complete, professionally edited video based on your goals, including music and title cards. You even have opportunities to review drafts and provide feedback during the editing process.

It could be a perfect sentimental end-of-year thank-you for an important teacher or coach; a fast-paced ad for your small business; or simply a personal montage of your favorite moments from the year to download to social media or send privately to family and friends.  In fact, the collaboration feature at VidMob allows multiple users to contribute to one project, should your aunt, cousins and nephews want to upload their own personals clips of your grandparents to create their very special wedding anniversary video.

It’s like having your own personal video editing team, right on your smartphone, and you don’t even have to sit in a windowless editing bay for a week to get it done.

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