With more people taking their media on the go, Slingbox is an innovative service enabling you to watch and control all the cable TV channels you already pay for absolutely anywhere — on your tablet, phone, PC or Mac.

All with no monthly fees.

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Connect the Slingbox to your set-top box in seconds via WiFi or Ethernet cable, and the service “slings” your channels to your device, anywhere in the world.

That means sports fans will never miss those live, must-watch games. That season finale of your favorite cable show is ready for you to watch as it airs. You can also view and manage all your DVR recordings, which is perfect if you’re on the road with a little free time, and a season’s worth of DVR’d shows you’re dying to catch up on.

There are also live stats for sports fans, and movie buffs get access to thousands of titles from Blockbuster On Demand. Also check out the free integrated YouTube app so when you watch media through YouTube, you can see it big and bold on your home TV.

The Slingbox connects to your cable via WiFi, allowing you to watch channels on another set or on the road so you never miss sports games or live events

Even if you’re not traveling, Slingbox enables you to watch your programs on a second TV without a second cable box, if you’ve got Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV like so many families do these days.

It’s the easiest way to watch 100% of your cable TV on any device, anywhere. All without spending a lot of money.

This is a sponsored message from Slingbox, which enables you to watch 100% of your cable TV anytime, anywhere in the world on any device. No restrictions or blackouts. No Subscriptions or fees.

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