We are such fans of Tinybop’s beautiful, minimalist apps around here, because they inspire our children to want to learn more about science in a creative, artistic way. Following in the footsteps of winning apps like The Earth by Tinybop and Plants by Tinybop, we’re excited for their new Weather app for kids, which just released this month.

Perfect timing, as we head into spring, and a few inevitable rainy days when kids can’t get outside and explore nature on their own.

As with all Tinybop apps, kids learn the scientific concepts freely, by just exploring what interests them about the app. No lessons or quizzes, no right way to navigate through the various screens; just interactive scenes that will fascinate kids of all ages. As for the Weather app, it allows kids to drag their fingers across the screen to make a tornado or hurricane. Tap a cloud and snow pours down. Raise the temperature and see what a drought looks like. Look up close at water and ice molecules, to see what they’re really made of.

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Jump inside a cloud and make it snow with Tinybop's new Weather app for kids.

Find out what causes a drought when you play with Tinybop's new Weather app.

Kids can explore all the different types of clouds with Tinybop's new Weather app for kids.

The app doesn’t explain the how and the why of weather — kids will need to go to teachers, parents, and search engines for that. (Definitely be ready for the questions their curious minds will have!) But kids will see the cause-and-effect of how the weather system works, like how higher temperatures and less rainfall means food doesn’t grow. And that’s a problem.

Who knows, one that your kids may, one day, be inspired to fix.

Download the Weather app from Tinybop for iOS devices for $2.99 at the iTunes store.