Though your kids may not be able to find their shoes when you are running out the door, they are sure to love finding the solutions to the problems posed in Alien Assignment, a fun, free app for kids as young as three. Created by the Fred Rogers Center, it seems apt that in this game your child gets to play “friendly neighbor” to an alien family in need.

This is no stare-at-the-screen game. Instead, an alien family called the Gloops will ask your child to help repair their spaceship that has just crashed on Earth by taking photos of four different items in the “real world” that will help their spaceship’s computer remember how to repair itself.

For instance, the spaceship might need “something cool” to fix an overheated engine, or “something round” to fix a flat tire. After your kids have taken all four photos, they are instructed to bring the device to you to approve their choices before the Gloops can take off again in their repaired vehicle.

Alien Assignment: A fun, free app for kids to play with a parent's help
I love that preschoolers and young kids can combine their problem-solving skills with that love of stealing your phone to take pictures (as every preschooler does these days). Plus, the need to share their picks with an adult makes it is a great way to play together.

Download the free Alien Assignment app for iOS which is ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners.