I never leave home without my Moleskine notebook, but I tend to snap a photo or type from it into my email or a document to transfer things over. Well, not anymore thanks to their new Smart Writing Set that lets you digitize all your notes and drawings with a very special tablet and pen.

The new Moleskine Smart Writing Set is actually a 3-part system that includes their The Paper Tablet, the Pen+, and the free Moleskine Notes iOS app, all of which allow you to turn anything you write, scribble, or sketch into digital files. No photos or scans required.

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The new Moleskine Smart Writing Set lets you digitize your notes and sketches with a simple tap

So here’s how it works: The Pen+ and its special built-in camera (for real!) picks up the code embedded in the pages of The Paper Tablet and then uploads it to the Notes app so that you can tag, organize, store, and share whatever it is you’re working on. How very 2016! Such brilliant idea for those of us (raising hand here) who still take written notes and make written lists, but would love a way to easily organize and share that information. And then there’s journalists, artists, college students… you get the idea. Not a bad Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift either, for the right person, that is.

It’s not cheap, and my guess is for some people, keeping track of that special pen and that paper tablet might be a little challenging. But hey, if I can keep track of my Moleskine already, then But there’s just something so wonderful about the marriage of old school writing and drawing with new tech that makes me want to snatch it up for myself.

You can purchase the new Moleskine Smart Writing Set on their website.