It’s Sunday morning and your¬†kids’ friends just had to cancel their afternoon playdate. Or, you¬†are on vacation with your toddler, and rain has just ruined your plans to visit that cool new park you read about online. What to do?¬†Well, nowadays, there are lots of resources like¬†Mommy Poppins¬†or even Yelp with lists of activities. Along those lines is¬†a cool new find for me: The¬†Yuggler app, free for iOS, is designed to help you find things to do with kids, fast.

What I like most about Yuggler is the ability to customize the stuff I want to see so that I am not scrolling through endless irrelevant listings. Wherever you are, you can pull up things to do for your kids based on their age, the weather, cost, how much time you have, and more.

In my own little suburban neighborhood,  I was surprised to find many listings for places that were new to me even after living here for 16 years.

Yuggler is¬†also useful for planning ahead, as you can search different locations and time frames, say if you’re looking for something to do next month while visiting your in-laws in Dayton. What¬†a lifesaver, or at least a fun-time saver, to find activities and events¬†to keep your kids happy and occupied any time at all.

Download Yuggler for iOS at iTunes. Plans to release this for Android devices are in the works.


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