Every parent knows that babies just love to chew on all the things that probably shouldn’t be chewing on. And always the expensive, important stuff. The keys. The phone. The video game remote. And so, over the years, clever handmade artisans have created some of the cutest baby-safe alternatives, many of which we’ve featured here. And this plush geeky video game remote from Ann’s Craft House that’s featured in the Cool Mom Picks Baby Shower Gift Guide which you — yes you with the baby right there — need now, is no exception.


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Geeky baby video remote control toy by Ann's Craft House on Etsy

Handmade from fleece, this cool little baby gift is pretty much identical to the real thing, except for the wires and the plastic. It’s available in bring colors as well, in case you want something that’s a little different than your actual video game remote. What a fun, affordable gift for geeky new parents. Or from a cool aunt, uncle, or friend who wants to give the special new baby a gaming head start.

You can find this video game baby toy in the Cool Mom Picks Baby Shower Gift Guide. Just scroll down about half way if you’re searching for it.