With all the time I spend outside of the house waiting for my kids to finish a class or practice, I’m always trying to find something new to do on my phone. You know, other than continually refreshing my Facebook feed or checking to see if any new kitties have come to visit my house on Neko Atsume.

So when I recently discovered the beautifully designed, challenging, Japanese-influenced KAMI paper-folding game by State of Play Games, which is now free for a limited time, I knew I had found just-the-right game to keep my brain occupied without stressing me out.

In fact, the game forces me to slow down and focus, something I really need to practice doing in my go-go-go life with three kids.

And since it is rated for ages 4+, there’s no reason not to let the kids try their hand at this game whenever they’d like as well.

To play, try to change the “paper” squares to be all the same color in as few moves as possible. The puzzles themselves are geometrically beautiful but it’s the look and sound of the paper squares folding and changing color that is so aesthetically pleasing. It really is quite zen, even when I am failing miserably.

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KAMI by State of Play Games app for iOS and Android

KAMI is normally a paid iOS app but is free for a limited time which will give you access to 45 puzzles. For Android users, you can access the first nine games for free to see if you’d like to purchase the rest. Seeing as I haven’t even made it past the first handful of puzzles, I think there’s still quite a bit here for everyone to enjoy.

KAMI by State of Play Games is currently free for iOS for a limited time, offering access to 45 puzzles. The first 9 levels are also free for Android users.