If you’re using Star Wars day as an excuse to snag a little something fun, be sure to check out all the awesome Star Wars themed fan art on Society 6. Because my girls are begging for more Rey merch — and frankly, a lot of their boy classmates too —  here are just a few of the laptop cases I’ve been checking out.

Hey, they wouldn’t be such a bad Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift either. How badass would you be pulling out your illustrated Rey laptop sleeve right at the start of a business meeting? You wouldn’t even need to wield a staff to keep control of the room.

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Illustrated Rey Star Wars laptop sleeve by Captbexx on Society 6

1. Illustrated Sepia Rey Laptop Sleeve from CaptBexx

Very Indiana Jones, right? Feel free to go off on meta fan theory discussions about that idea if you want.


Kylo Ren and Rey yin/yang Star Wars laptop sleeve on Society 6

2. Rey and Kylo Ren Yin/Yang Laptop Sleeve from Miova

The Dark Side vs The Force depicted in the most perfect way.


Kokeshi Rey Star Wars laptop sleeve on Society 6

3. Kokeshi Rey Laptop Sleeve by Pendiententera

I know my youngest daughter will  love this one the best. It might even inspire her to paint her own blank Kokeshi doll, though it will never look as amazing as this artist’s does.

Illustrated Star Wars Rey laptop sleeve by Aduahc

4. Illustrated Rey Laptop Sleeve by Aduahc

She looks ready for her premier animated Disney appearance, doesn’t she?

Rey Space Princess Star Wars laptop sleeve on Society 6

5. Rey Space Princess Squad Laptop Sleeve from Vanessa Williams

Wow, I love this one! Who doesn’t want to be part of a space princess squad?


Hello Rey! Star Wars fan art laptop sleeve on Society 6

6. Hello Rey Laptop Sleeve from Forbidden Monster

Because, awesome.
You can find all these Star Wars Rey laptop sleeves for $36 for a 13″ sleeve or $39 for a 15″ sleeve. The designs are also available as iPhone cases, iPod cases, tablet and laptop decals — plus wall art, t-shirts, bedspreads and more — at Society 6