It must be the week of class action lawsuit settlements. First with Ticketmaster, and now Apple, who’s required to fund over $4 million dollars in credits to eBook customers. That means if you bought eBooks on Amazon between 2010 and 2012, you might have credit waiting for you in your account. We did!

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Here’s how to check if you have Amazon credit from Apple

How to find out if you've got Amazon credit from the Apple ebook settlement

1. Head over to the settlement website, and make sure you’re logged into your Amazon account. If you’re not, you’ll be prompted to do so.

2. Then, see the credit you have available (I got almost $20!). You should have $6.93 for every New York Times bestseller and $1.57 for any other eBooks.

That’s it! The next time you shop at Amazon, that credit (if you have one) will be automatically added. And hey, Barnes & Noble Nook users, this applies to you too, so be sure to check your account as well.

Did you have any credit? Tell us in the comments!