I’ve actively spent the week looking for simple photos and items to share that make me happy. After a tough week, I’m sure a lot of us could use more smiles in our day, and one standout to me is the brand new BRIGHT IDEA Lamp from French graphic artist Jean Jullien.

You may recognize his name from his now infamous Paris Peace Sign artwork that went viral after the Paris attacks this past November. So in a way, it’s a sadly ironic, but perfectly fitting (if unintentional) time for the launch of a product that’s so joyful.

The lamp itself was created by Belgium’s Case Studio in a very limited edition, each one signed and numbered by the artist and presented in a box that’s lovely all by itself.

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A charming group of BRIGHT IDEA Lamps from illustrator Jean Jullien

The new limited edition BRIGHT IDEA Lamp from graphic artist Jean Jullien + Case Studyo

Wow would I love this in my kids’ room or on a desk! Now I’m sure if I could afford it — the price of the BRIGHT IDEA lamp is available on request at this early stage — but the photo alone may inspire some bright ideas. Maybe even for bringing more happiness into the world.

Contact Case Studyo through their website for more info on ordering the BRIGHT IDEA Lamp by Jean Jullien. Follow him on Instagram at @jean_jullien – it’s one of my favorites or visit JeanJullien.com