With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’ve started thinking about some cool Father’s Day tech gift options — in addition to the kids’ plaster handprints and construction paper ties, of course. The timing of this holiday is perfect because it coincides with the start of summer, which in my opinion, lends itself perfectly to cool audio gifts for Father’s Day options.

Regardless of whether the favorite dad in your life is a rugged outdoorsman, a casual biker, a serious binge-watcher, or just a guy who loves his music, here are a handful of booming ideas that will most definitely get their fair share of use this summer, and far beyond.

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Audio Gifts for Father’s Day: For Listening

Father's Day Audio Gifts: LSTN Bowery earbuds are eco-friendly and give back to a great cause


For the Earth-loving dad: LSTN Bowery Eco-Friendly Headphones

These eco-chic ear buds are a perfect accessory for any environmentally conscious dad who will appreciate that these are made from reclaimed wood. What’s even nicer is that a portion of the proceeds from each pair helps support those suffering from hearing loss, through the Starkey Foundation. ($49.99)


Father's Day audio gifts: JBL Everest 300 gives a full 20 hours of wireless audio when you're out and about

For the Dad who’s out and about all day: JBL Everest 300 Headphones

These super comfy and hip Everest 300 headphones offer wire-free convenience along with a whopping 20 hours of use after a single charge. And using its ShareMe 2.0 technology, you can wirelessly sync with any friend’s headphones that offer the same technology. ($149.95)


Father's Day audio gifts: ROAM ROPES are the hottest new earbuds, with an app-controlled equalizer for custom sound preferences

For the dad who values style plus sound: ROAM ROPES Earbuds

ROAM ROPES are like the Beats version of earbuds, which makes sense since its founder was originally with the company. The sound quality is outstanding, and can be customized to suit your listening preferences through a complementary mobile app that includes your own audio equalizer. They’re also fantastic for noisy airplanes. Plus, they just look cool. There are three colors, but I love that $100 of each pair of the limited-edition orange ROPES go to Stand Up To Cancer. ($199)



Father's Day audio gifts: Jaybird Freedom is an awesome in-ear sport headset meant for active wear

For the Athlete: Freedom Wireless Sport Earbuds

Sporty dads who are looking for the right tunes to fuel their workouts will love the new Freedom Wireless Buds by Jaybird. These beautiful earbuds are designed to stay put — for real — and are also sweat-proof, which is perfect whether he’s hiking, biking, or just taking long walks around the block. They offer 8 hours of play time thanks to a self-charging mechanism on the cord, and also has the ability to customize sound through a complementary app. ($199.95)


Father's Day audio gifts: Blue Lola is a serious set of headphones for the wannabe DJ

For the DJ Wannabe: Blue Lola Headphones

Don’t be scared by the unique design — the multiple movable joints on these over-ear headphones ensures a great fit for all head shapes and sizes. But you’re really paying a premium for the sound quality, which is superb. The airtight seal of these comfy headphones envelop you in exquisite sound from its 50mm drivers. These are definitely the headphones that any sound purist will appreciate. ($249)


Audio Gifts for Father’s Day:For Blasting


Father's Day audio gifts: Dreamwave Harmony is one of the most handsome Bluetooth speakers we've seen with superb sound

For the dapper dad: Dreamwave HARMONY Bluetooth Speaker

For the elegant dad, the Harmony is one handsome piece of technology, with a look and feel that will appeal to a discerning sense of style. The sophisticated leather strip contrasts with the brushed metal exterior making it an appealing bit of decor, even when it’s not filling a room with clear and deep sound. This is a speaker really made for audiophiles. ($149.95)

Father's Day audio gift ideas: House of Marley Chant Bluetooth Speaker in denim

For the dad who lives in his jeans: Marley: CHANT BT Portable Wireless Speakers

This little speaker packs a big sound punch, yet it’s portable enough to throw into a backpack or briefcase. With a pretty impressive 8 hours of wireless playback it’s perfect for a day out and about. The styling is perfect for the laid-back guy who appreciates the eco-friendly materials and the denim-look fabric made of a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and recycled plastic. ($87)

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Father's Day audio gifts: UE ROLL 2 clips right onto a backpack or bag making it great on the go

For the dad who’d rather be sailing: Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2 Speaker

The UE ROLL 2 disc-shaped speaker is a conversation starter all on its own, regardless of which of the many fun colors you choose. This can be any dad’s go-to speaker for travel and outdoor adventure, thanks to its waterproof design and bungee cord loop. It also comes with a fun UE Floatie which becomes the perfect companion for any water-loving guy, whether he’s manning a catamaran or just chilling on a donut-shaped raft in the pool.. ($99)

Father's Day audio gifts: BRV-X is rugged and can even survive being submerged up to 30 feet underwater


For the rugged outdoorsman: BRAVEN BRV-X Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Hardcore outdoor enthusiasts will revel in everything this Braven speaker has to offer. It may in fact be the ultimate outdoor speaker, offering a whopping 12 hours of battery life, with the added benefit of waterproof construction —  it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes! And of course it’s rugged enough to handle the rigors of the non-wet outdoors too. As a bonus, it offers charging ports, which are essential when you are off the grid. ($169 on sale)


Genius Father's Day Gift: HyperSound Hearing Speakers are made just for those with hearing loss, directing audio more clarity toward them while everyone else watching TV hears normal sound.

For the dad whose hearing isn’t his best attribute: HyperSound Hearing Solutions Clear 500P Ultrasonic Speakers

This remarkable new audio solution is designed just for those with hearing loss, offering more sound clarity and speech intelligibility than the diffused sound you normally get from a TV — all without the need for headphones. Essentially it’s customized by a hearing professional to suit the listener’s own challenges and preferences, and it works right along with the TV speakers, soundbar, or other audio system you already have. But the best part is that it’s directed right to the listener, so everyone else in the home is hearing the same movie or show at normal volumes. Could be the most perfect Dad or Grandpa gift ever — though everyone else in the family will appreciate it too. (Price varies, call for demo and estimate)


Father's Day Audio Gifts: Polk MagnifiOne

For the binge watcher who wants the home theater experience: Polk MagniFi One Wireless Subwoofer

Any sports junkie, movie buff, or Game of Thrones fan will be so excited by this sound bar from Polk that fills the room with bass and clear dialogue. There are different sound settings for sport, music and movies, to ensure everyone is hearing what they’re supposed to be hearing, and not anything else. That is, when it comes to sound. When it comes to the kids listening in on The Walking Dead, well that’s all on you. ($249.95)