While I didn’t personally experience infertility issues, I had close friends and family members who did, and I’m still amazed at how they handled all the challenges they faced, not to mention all the tracking, the doctors visits, and the expenses they endured to try to have a baby. That’s why I’m really intrigued by Ava, the first FDA-approved fertility tracking bracelet that could be a huge game changer for women (and couples) trying to get pregnant.


Meet Ava: The FDA-approved fertility tracking bracelet that can give you a 5-day fertility window

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The Ava has been described as the Fitbit for fertility, and it certainly makes sense why: It gathers physiological data points while you sleep, giving you up to 5 fertile days for you to make the magic happen, doubling the chance of conception. So, instead of taking your BBT temperature or peeing on a stick, you simply wear Ava at night, when it measures everything from skin temperature and resting pulse rate to sleep, breathing rate and heat loss, which you can then view on the corresponding app.

You can also continue wearing Ava through your pregnancy, as it can provide you with data on your heart rate, stress levels, and sleep quality (or lack of sleep quality, that is), which is helpful given that it’s comparatively priced with the higher-end Fitbit models.

Whether you’re just starting on your fertility journey and don’t want to mess around (er, well, not that kind of messing around), or you’ve been TTC for a long time and are wanting to try a few more things before the taking the next and often very expensive next steps, this gadget could be a lifesaver.

You can get more information on the new Ava fertility tracking bracelet on their website. It’s currently available for pre-order at $50 off.