If you haven’t noticed, llamas are taking over as the cute animal du jour. First it was owls, then foxes, followed by hedgeghogs, and sloths. Though admittedly I’m still a little obsessed with sloths. Thanks, Zootopia. But finally, llamas are getting the attention they deserve. So here, 5 fun llama iPhone cases you need in your life.

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Hipster llama iPhone case on Society6

A hipster llama case. Because llamas were people, wouldn’t they totally be hipsters? Duh.

Dalai Llama iPhone case on Society6

I just love a pun, and this Dalai Llama case has to be the best one when it comes to llamas.

Neon pink llama iPhone case on Society6

This neon llama case is super fun. And the perfect way to ensure you never lose your phone. Hello, hot pink!

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Cute handdrawn llama iPhone case on Society6

Doesn’t this cute llama case look like Pikachu? Or maybe I’ve been playing Pokemon Go too much. Cute for a teen or tween!

Transparent llama iPhone case on Etsy

This transparent llama case lets the back of your iPhone peek through. Yes, it ships from Poland, so it might take a little while to get to you, but in my opinion, worth it.