The Amazon Dash service has come a long way since we first featured it two years ago when it was just a cool gadget that connected you to your Amazon shopping cart via WIFI. Since then, Amazon added Dash Button, which are little gadgets that live on your washing machine or dishwasher, and allow you to order supplies like laundry detergent with just one click.

But most recently, they’ve launched Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which is a fully integrated system connecting your smart gadgets to Amazon, so when you run out of something, it automatically orders it for you. No action required. What makes DRS different is that the button is either built into the gadget itself or it accesses the sensors within the gadget. So, when your Brother printer starts to run low in ink, it alerts DRS and a new box of ink will show at your door. Like magic!

Now while this service isn’t necessarily new, Amazon DRS just added a bunch of new tech partners, many of which might be a great interest to parents.

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The Simple Human smart trash can connects to Amazon Dash Replenishment Service now

If you’ve got the Simple Human smart trash can, you won’t need to worry about reordering trash bags ever again. It senses when you’re low and will ship out a new box before you run out.

The SmartThings home system from Samsung: Now connected to Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

SmartThings users won’t have to worry about running out of batteries for all their connected gadgets, which can be used to control everything from your door locks to your thermostat.

The Behmor Brewing System: Amazon Dash Replenishment Service sends you coffee when you start to run out

And the Behmor brewing system will automatically reorder coffee when it looks like you’ll be out soon. No more running to the grocery store early in the morning because you forgot to grab a bag during your last shopping trip.

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As the popularity grows, I have no doubt Amazon will be adding new partners. And sure, while it’s not that hard to run to the store to grab more garbage bags or a bag of coffee, it’s definitely convenient to have one less thing (maybe more) to think about.

For a full list of partners, head over to the Amazon DRS website