We’ve seen lots of stylish activity trackers for women, even ones aimed to help deal with stress, but none have been so seemingly comprehensive in terms of physical and mental health as the new Bellabeat LEAF Urban.

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Worn as bracelet, necklace, or a clip, the Bellabeat LEAF tracks fitness and sleep like most of the trackers on the market, but then it goes to a whole other level, from tracking your breathing patterns to letting you know when you’re about to start your period or if you’re PMSing, though that’s pretty obvious to me and those around me. Sorry, kids. However, that could be super helpful for women trying to conceive.

The Bellabeat LEAF Urban fitness tracker

The Bellabeat LEAF Urban accompanying app

But its ability to take all the data and actually predict how stressed you might be is what really makes it different. And while it can’t necessarily factor in what’s going on in your life, it can show you if you’re ready and able to deal with that stress, and give you a heads up that your levels might be elevated. Wow.

As someone who deals with the physical effects of stress on a pretty regular basis, the Bellabeat sounds like a true lifesaver. Even better, that it looks like a gorgeous piece of jewelry (competitively priced with other fitness trackers, by the way) that I’d wear anyway.

The Bellabeat LEAF Urban is currently on sale through their web shop with other models too.