When I saw my friend’s Facebook update that she just had gas delivered to her car, you can bet I clicked right over. And to my surprise, FILLD is totally a real thing that is the smartest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

You simply download the FILLD app, then select your location on their map. Then choose a delivery window and pop open your gas cap. They do the rest. So brilliant, right?

Pricing is based on the 3 gas stations closest to you, plus their fee, which is about $3. And yes, you still get all the benefits and bonuses you might get for using your credit card at an actual gas station.

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FILLD app delivers gas to your car

Now, I realize that going to a gas station isn’t the biggest inconvenience in life, but not having to stop before you leave for a trip, or heck, if you just want to be able to leave a little later for work in the morning without having to hit the gas station, that’s enough to sell me. Not to mention you city dwellers who have cars but don’t have access to gas stations close to you. The amount of time you’ll save driving around trying to find one is worth that $3 fee. And then some.

And if you’re concerned about safety or quality, FILLD is too, with drivers all licensed to be transporting fuel that’s also top tier rated.

Unfortunately, they’re only in San Francisco right now, but they’re expanding pretty quickly, and here’s hoping they do. As schedules get busier in fall and over the holidays, I’m all for knocking one big thing off my always growing to-do list.

You can download the FILLD app on iTunes. Service is only available from San Francisco to San Jose, but more cities coming soon. 

(Thanks Stefania!)

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