Part of getting my kids ready for back to school is creating a quiet, organized homework space for them. This year, I’ve decided to give myself a little home workspace makeover, too. First up, these cool laptop stands from Grovemade, a cool small business that makes gorgeous handcrafted tech products.

Considering my home office is me sitting on my laptop at the kitchen table all day long, I think getting myself a laptop stand is a perfectly fine investment. Smart, actually, because not only does it keep your laptop up and off the table, which can lead to overheating, it’s actually better for your arms, wrist, neck, and back, which if you’re like me and are on the computer all the time, well, you know the pain and tension I’m talking about.

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Grovemade laptop stand

Grovemade laptop dock

This laptop stand is gorgeous, handcrafted from walnut with a stainless steel stop and a leather lining to keep your laptop safe. I also really need to get the laptop dock, which is so smart for saving space if you’re like me and just don’t have a ton to spare.

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And while yes, these pieces are not cheap, I love that they’re thoughtfully made by a small company. Plus, with all the kid stuff I’m surrounded with, it’s nice to have something that looks and feels totally grown-up.

You can purchase the laptop stand and laptop dock at Grovemade.

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