No matter how many times I run to Goodwill or Kon Mari my house, in just a few weeks I feel like we have more toys and video games and stuffed animals than my kids could ever play with. But, of course, they still ask for new things every once in a while.

In their defense, it’s hard to deny that little thrill that comes when you get something new, right? I do have that pesky budget to think of, but I’ve found a solution. Thanks to the Kids Trade app, my kids can enjoy new toys and games without breaking their banks.

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Your kids can trade their unwanted stuff with their real-life friends on the Kids Trade app.

Parents can approve or decline any toy their child posts for trade on the Kids Trade app.

When you sign up with Kids Trade, you can invite kids you know in real life to join a group with you. It could be their classroom or after-school club or sports team. The kids post photos of toys they don’t want any longer, and when one of their friends sees one they want, they can request a trade for one of the items they’ve posted. If both kids (and their parents, too) agree, then the kids can arrange a handoff at the bus stop or the sleepover that weekend.

So, what happens when a sneaky kid posts a photo of his sibling’s toy for trade? You, the parent, have the ability to approve everything they post, keeping those brother-sister fights to a minimum. And if your child would rather sell his toy — or use his allowance to buy a toy instead of trade — you can grant permission through your parent profile for them to do that too.

I think recycling toys this way is great, and it lets kids learn the value of their things. And hey, if it motivates them to take care of their stuff a little better and clean out in the process, I’m in.

You can find the Kids Trade app at the iTunes store or Google Play.