Don’t you hate when a sitter cancels last-minute on a much-needed date night, or when you can’t find one for that important parent meeting at school (the night when everyone else in your social network also needs a sitter)? I’ve seen friends frantically posting to Facebook or our neighborhood community sites, begging for a sitter for their kids at the last minute.

Well, parents in NYC don’t have to stress anymore, thanks to the free Hello Sitter babysitting app. You can book trusted sitters, even at the last minute, right in your phone. So easy.

You can book trustworthy sitters on short notice with the free Hello Sitter app.

Choose qualities you're looking for in a sitter before you book with the free Hello Sitter app.

Learn about available, vetted babysitters before you book, with the free Hello Sitter app.


To be honest, there are times I’ve been so desperate for childcare that any live, trustworthy person is all I’m looking for in a sitter. But Hello Sitter wants to make sure your kids (and you) have a great experience, not just a safe one. Of course all their sitters are fully vetted and background checked, but they also match you with a sitter whose personality is a great fit for your kids.

Are you looking for someone active and fun who will play ball in the park with your kids? Or would you rather have someone gentle and soft-spoken who will keep them calm and relaxed in the house? You can choose up to 5 personality traits you want in a sitter, and Hello Sitter will choose the best one for your family. And when you find that sitter you love, you can favorite them in the app so they’re your preference each time you book.

You can schedule an appointment anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week in advance, and their rates are fair for NYC standards — starting at $21/hour. You only pay for the time you use, not the time you booked (if you happen to come home early) and there’s no tipping expected. The convenience of a trustworthy babysitter my kids will love — without having to make 6 phone calls — is totally worth it.

You can download the free Hello Sitter app for iOS only right now, although we’re hoping to see it for Android soon, along with lots more cities! Please come to Nashville. And Philly. And…