My family will be taking a trip to Seoul, South Korea, in the next couple months, and I’m a little overwhelmed trying to plan our itinerary. Pinterest is somewhat helpful, but there’s a lot of link bait to wade through. That’s why I was so pleased to discover Google Trips app.

Google Trips is a dashboard for all your trip info, with everything from your flight and hotel reservations, to that awesome restaurant your friend said you had to try. It’s all available offline too, so if you land in the city and don’t have WiFi, you can still get your hotel info for your Über driver. This is so helpful for parents trying to figure out where they’re supposed to go, all with tired kids in tow.

Save all your important trip info in one place, with the free Google Trips app.

Find out how to get around the city you're visiting with the free Google Trips app.

You can follow any pre-planned itinerary for an awesome vacation with the free Google Trips app.

You can find everything from recommendations for local attractions to bars and restaurants, even tips for getting around, including bus schedules, train fares, and more.


And I really love Google’s city trip plans. These are hour-by-hour itineraries for different themed trips; my search showed trips like Seoul with Kids and Historic Seoul. All planned around Google maps, you’ll efficiently move from one location to the next in the quickest route, while still seeing the most you can of an amazing city. And they’re also a good way to browse around and figure out what city you want to visit next.

This free app is basically all the power of Google working for you to help you plan an amazing vacation.

Download Google Trips for your iOS or Android for free, and make your next vacation just that much easier to plan.

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