Juggling your stroller and your phone is quite a feat, but add in the cold, wintry weather, and you might just have to wait until you’re walking through a store or safely parked at home to send that text. Well, that’s where the Stroll & Go On-Call hand muff from skip*hop comes in to save the day, or at least, your need to immediate communication, especially for you city mamas who pretty much live with your hands firmly planted on stroller handles.

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Simply snap this hand muff to your stroller, zip your phone into the clear pocket (which has a special port for your headphones, by the way), and you can text and chat away while you stroll. The inside is super soft, so at least one hand will stay gloriously warm while the other takes one for the team in the frigid air.

The Stroll & Go on-call hand muff from skip*hop

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So, when you just can’t pull over to the sidewalk to check-in on Facebook or send that GIF, now you don’t have to. You can keep your hand warm and your friends informed, all at the same time.

You can purchase the Stroll & Go On-Call hand muff at skip*hop. Please remember to stroll and text responsibly.