A few years ago, we warned parents about Whisper, a free app that allows users to post about anything and everything anonymously, then connect in groups based on interests and location. But recently, a Denver teen was lured by a sex offender through the app, which is why we’re reminding parents to check the apps their tweens and teens are using.

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When I downloaded Whisper, I had to allow it to find my location in order for me to even use it. Keep in mind, you can then immediately click “don’t allow” when your iPhone then asks if you want to let the app use your location, which is what I did, but just imagine a tween or teen downloading the app might do. And, if you don’t share your location, you can’t use the chat feature, which requires you to set up a profile, including gender, age, and location.

Oddly enough, you can be age 15-17 in the app, however, it’s rated 17+ in iTunes. Hmmm.

It was ridiculously easy for me to find pretty off-color whispers (see photos above) by simply searching for things like sex and boobs. Once you find one you connect with (or create your own), users can like a whisper, reply publicly to it, or chat privately.

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Given the possible safety risks involved with this app, I would definitely suggest checking to see if your child is using this app, and discuss with them the risks and possible consequences of chatting and interacting with others anonymously, as well as sharing their location.

And I’d suggest that if your child has an iPhone, you consider using Restrictions (Settings > General > Restrictions) which allows you to limit which apps they have access to, or even restricting their ability to download apps at all.