You know how much we love to find a cool, innovative STEM toys for kids at Cool Mom Tech. Well, we think the brand new Cubetto robot by Primo Toys definitely belongs on wish lists this holiday season, especially if you’re shopping for preschoolers.

Get this: Your young kids can learn programming with Cubetto before they even learn to read. How cool is that?

Cubetto is a boxy wooden robot on wheels with a cute little smile. By using the coding blocks on the control board, kids direct Cubetto’s movements forward, right or left. Of course, these are very basic coding principles, but learning them early will let your kids absorb them as a second language, and maybe spark a love for programming

Plus, it’s really fun and cute. Right up my 6-year-old’s alley.

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Kids can learn to code before they learn to read, with the Cubetto coding toy for kids.


Kids program their Cubetto coding toy for kids to move through this space-themed play mat without hitting asteroids.


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Cubetto also has a few large play mats and storybooks you can use to make an adventure out of his movement. By setting him at a starting square on the mat, you’ll be instructed throughout the story to help Cubetto avoid the astroids, visit Mr. Turtle on his first day of school, or sail by a submarine. Your child will have to figure out which sequence of blocks to put onto the control board to do these movements, which is what makes this into a game for them.

And while we totally appreciate screen time, what’s so cool about Cubetto is that kids are learning STEM concepts without it. Such a welcome break from the tablets and phones.

You can purchase Cubetto now from Amazon or your local indie toy seller. The basic set comes with 1 map, but we’d definitely go ahead and spend the extra $29 for the adventure pack, which gives you all 4 playmats and storybooks.