Of all the STEM coding toys that have come through our door, our favorite has been Cubetto. Maybe it’s the heirloom quality of the robot’s square wooden housing, with a personable little smile on the front. Or the fact that they don’t have to steal my phone to use it, because there are no screens involved. Yay!

So, we’re really excited that Primo Toys has added some new Cubetto accessories that are keeping our kids engaged on new and different levels, with harder challenges and more open-ended play. It’s making a good thing even better.

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Cubetto accessories: new Logic Pack cards from Primo Toys

Cubetto accessories: the new Code & Color pack from Primo Toys

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You can read our full review of Cubetto to find out how it works, but the TL;DR is kids use sequencing to move Cubetto from one place to another on a big, colorful mat, following cues in a storybook that comes with it.

That said, the starter kit comes with just one story, which can get old after awhile. Their new Logic Pack cards fix that, by teaching new coding concepts and introducing new characters, all while using your original Cubetto hardware. What a smart way to add value. Plus, with four new stories, kids get enough variety to keep their interest level high.

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They’ve also launched the Cubetto Code & Color pack, which allows kids to attach a marker to Cubetto. As kids code certain sequences for it, Cubetto will color the new black-and-white, washable mat as you’ve directed him to. Once your picture is complete, you can wash it off and start all over.

If you’ve made the initial investment in Cubetto — and we will be honest and say yes, it is an investment — then I think these are affordable and smart ways to keep your kids interested so that don’t lose STEAM. Heh, get it?

You can find Cubetto, along with the new Logic Pack and Colouring Pack, at Primo Toys, or our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to Primo Toys for sending us Cubetto when it first came out, and for recently sending a Colouring Pack for us to try.