Ever wish you could take all of your favorite shows on the go, without having to download them all to your mobile device? And watch them without the worry that you won’t have access to WiFi?

Well, now you can, thanks to the HopperGO, a pocket DVR that requires absolutely no wires or cords. In fact, you don’t even need an Internet connection to start watching your favorite entertainment. And what’s more, thanks to a very special Cyber Monday deal, you could score the HopperGO for free.

Hey, who doesn’t like free? Especially around the holidays.

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This tiny, palm-sized gadget can literally fit in your pocket, and yet it holds all your favorite movies and television shows — as in 100 hours worth of content — without using data or taking up any of your valuable storage on your mobile device. That’s a whole lot of zombie series, medieval fantasies, romantic period dramas, musical documentaries, or adults-only sitcoms you watch when the kids are in bed.

All you need to do is connect your own mobile device (and up to four additional devices) to the HopperGO hotspot, then get ready to watch whatever you might have been enjoying at home while you’re out and about. Entertainment that’s ready when you are.

In other words, if kids call you away right at the climax of that season finale or you get a work emergency phone call? You can always turn off the show, knowing you can pick it right back up again when you’re available. Anytime, anywhere.

Plus, a full battery charge offers four hours of viewing, which is enough to get you through plenty of just one more episode’s. But, when time’s up? Don’t worry. The HopperGO is easily recharged with any USB connection.

The DISH HopperGO lets you take your favorite shows with you, no cords or Internet needed

For holiday road trips, long plane rides, or just sneaking in another episode of the addictive series you’re binge-watching while you’re waiting for your kids in the carpool lane, the HopperGO lets you bring the entertainment with you. All without you having to worry about any internet connections, data charges, or those pesky “memory full” warnings on your device.

And with a special Cyber Monday offer, you’ll get all that for a pretty sweet deal.


Special Cyber Monday Offer from DISH HopperGO: Visit the DISH website, call the phone number, and be sure to mention offer code “Free HopperGO” to get your free HopperGO with any DISH base pack (includes Hopper 2 or Hopper 3) through December 11, 2016. Offer is valid on new subscriptions only, restrictions apply.

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